The daily application of silica gel desiccant


Silica gel desiccant not only be used for industrial products , packaging and transport during drying moisture. Now, in our everyday family life have often been used to . Here I will give us analyze what it can be used on.

1, the storage of clothing

Today, most people's wardrobe stuffed with variety of raw materials , new style clothing , but followed the arrival of the rainy season , how clothing store has become a major problem. Silica gel desiccant can make your beloved clothing is useful in its maintenance mildew , moisture, fading , so you wear more beautiful .

1 , Leather Clothing: Leather clothing as highly seasonal clothing , hosting some time will be relatively long . A way to not pay attention to moisture , bags , leather , shoes will be hairy , discoloration, deformation. Compare aspiring storage solution is to use a plastic bag or plastic wrap and desiccant stored in the closet , closet .
2 , underwear : Most people will ignore the internal moisture underwear way , but simply wet underwear breeding mold and other bacteria. About the kind of moisture is actually very simple , the desiccant in the storage cabinet can be placed in the pouch .

3 , cotton clothing : many local summer hot and humid south , cotton clothing is difficult to dry after washing . Hot and humid climate to accelerate the growth of mold , quit drying clothes worn on the body , simply induce fungal skin disease. Such clothes can hang a bag in the cupboard after dehumidification package to ward off moisture.

4 , Shoes: desiccant in his shoes , not only to moisture, but also useful for removing shoes odor deodorant , dehumidification .

5 , silk clothing : Silk has the "Silk Queen" , " well- fiber" , "health fiber " reputation , but also because of its texture and beauty for many consumers love . About silk products storage, keep in mind not to put wet perhaps sunlight local, avoid the formation of mildew and fading. Storage is best in a drawer or hang on a hanger in the lubrication , and then use the desiccant pouch wrapped in a drawer cupboard perhaps .

2, the home environment to improve air quality
⑴, decoration pollution management
Absorb indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases free , keep the indoor environment clean and healthy.
Dress is environment-friendly products , will not form secondary pollution.
Ease of use , and is nontoxic to humans .
⑵, home environment improvement
Can be used in the living room, the kitchen around quickly absorb various odor and improve air humidity at the same time , played antibacterial, deodorizing effect.
Placed in pet homes or clean room , can effectively remove and adsorption pet shelter and clean room for different odor , improving air quality accommodation .
Can be directly laid on the wooden floor below the floor to avoid deformation and mildew, moth .

3, Driving and meals procession
1) procession box: a long journey , there will always drag a procession box , incorporating different materials clothing , household items , snacks both convenient and effort. But do not pay attention a little moisture approaches tour inside the clothes will be moldy , guilty tide . More lingering musty inside affect other supplies, it is trouble . If the deal is not good , the next use of still musty , the box can only lose . If the tour inside the desiccant , not only can make with supplies mildew proof , inside is clean and fresh taste along your journey .

2, outside the curtains: today's young people go out to visit, not only the seeking of the scenery, taste delicious food, more and more young people start choose outdoor camping, but will meet curtains in the appearance of dew, articles for daily use and will be affected with damp be affected with damp, after placing desiccant can be useful to prevent the occurrence of dew.

3, car: nowadays, car is more and more mass transportation. Car is expensive, any damage to a component parts, repair is a large cost. Therefore had to pay attention to moistureproof homework, leather seats is not cheap, it is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, moldy, fade emits an odor, just sit in beginning dizzy. And electronic devices such as acoustics, air conditioning, if will affect function of be affected with damp be affected with damp and even unable to use. So in their car into the desiccant, can play a useful moisture-proof measures.

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