Glass powder is glass bead trituration of powdered glass, in the high temperature solid phase reaction, constitute a disorderly layout glass homogenate, chemical stability, acid resistance has far more than lead oxide, but in the chemical composition of expression according to conventional oxide.

Glass powder characteristics and use:

1, glass powder, good transparency, high hardness, particle size distribute evenly.

2, glass powder, good dispersibility, and other ingredients intermiscibility of the resin and paint systems.

3, glass microspheres, the repeated appearance treated in paint system for filling, paint film without blue light, good painting.

4, in the senior scratch resistant finish, can increase the hardness, toughness, paint, paint film scratch resistant function, has extinction effect, can progress weather resistance of paint film.

5, compared with talcum powder, glass powder paint in the open after deposition, and more easily so anti-settling method shall be properly strengthened

1, press forging, forging glass, rubber, plastic, metal casting, extrusion and other abrasive cleaning.

2, can remove all kinds of tensile stress and increase the fatigue life and improve the ability of resistance to stress corrosion. Such as: aircraft engine turbine blades, shaft, gear, all kinds of springs, gear hydraulic parts, etc.

3, circuit plate, encapsulation of tin on the tube before cleaning and removal of waste edge burr.

4, remove the cylinder, the piston within the plugs.

5, for medical equipment tools and auto parts to provide light and matt surface. (light) on the surface of

6, the coil when motor overhaul, brush rotor parts cleaning, etc.

7, all kinds of metal, nonferrous metal precision castings, welding parts, die casting, cleaning and remove burrs residue.

Eight, all kinds of hardware products of shot peening and light decoration processing.

9, all kinds of parts cleaning both inside and outside, in addition to oxide, polishing to coarse, eliminate stress.

10 and all kinds of jewelry, watches, glasses accessories polishing.

11, all kinds of lamps and lanterns, cosmetics container inferior smooth blasting