A common classification of surfactants is based on the surfactant dissolved in the case of the charge carried by the water , divided into ionic and non-ionic two categories, while ionic surfactants may also be further divided into cationic, anionic, amphoteric three categories , as follows:
A surfactant can significantly lower the surface tension of water to reduce the level within a certain concentration range , the surfactant concentration dependent , when the concentration reaches a certain value , the surface tension of the solution no longer decreased. The surface tension of the solution reaches the desired concentration of the lowest minimum value known as the critical micelle concentration (CMC). Different surfactants with different critical micelle concentration , surfactant concentration used should tare greater than the critical micelle concentration , in order to fully play its role .
Benzene sulfonate (ABS): is the main component of household detergents , acid and hard water , decontamination capabilities are better.
Diffusion agent NN0: multi- staining dye used as a dispersing agent .
(2) the nonionic surfactant:
Penetrant JFC (EA) lift and wetting agent, acid and alkali resistance, to hard water stability, drift in practice for desizing agent, pickling, bleaching, etc.
Peregal0: strong proliferation ability, are used for dyeing and printing. Anionic surfactant and cationic surfactant with bath use, otherwise will be combined with each other and each other. For other cationic auxiliaries and dyes, with bath will also result in dyeing defects. On the other hand, cationic surfactant, generally can't bath with additives, dyes with anion. But in ionic surfactant and nonionic surfactant can be used with bath. By the rapid development of the surfactant, breed is various, should choose best when printing and dyeing processing surface active agent, in order to improve the quality of printing and dyeing products.
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