White flaky crystals, generally dihydrate crystals , soluble in water (20 ℃ when 67g, 80 ℃ when 260g), soluble in methanol , slightly soluble in most organic solvents . 20g / L solution of pH = 8-10. Melting point > 300 ℃, flash point > 500 ℃. Generally consists of toluene as raw material, sulfonated , get p-toluenesulfonic acid , and then the system Ionic and crude, bleaching, concentrated and crystallized from experience finished ; also by hydrolysis of p-toluenesulfonyl chloride ( hydrolysis temperature must be strictly controlled to prevent the red material ; alkaline hydrolysis conditions , the temperature increase at the rate of hydrolysis accelerating. room temperature hydrolysis is slow , 50 ℃ significantly faster than the hydrolysis
In medicine for the synthesis of doxycycline, dipyridamole, naproxen, and for the production of amoxicillin, cefadroxil intermediates.
For the chemical industry and synthetic detergent slurry conditioning agent. Equipped in the synthetic detergent into the goods, detergent can reach the Ministry of standard indicators , but also from the four roles:
( 1) Can reduce the viscosity of the slurry , the slurry to improve mobility, dusting convenient , reduce energy consumption , thereby increasing production capacity.
( 2 ) can increase the water content of the aqueous detergent 2-4 %, reduce costs.
( 3 ) can promote the detergent sodium in five hydration, anti-caking quickly improve detergent performance, improve product quality.
( 4 ) to reduce the loss of dusting powder tower exhaust volume , reduce pollution and increase production
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