P-Tert-Butylbenzoic Acid
Uses : P-Tert-Butylbenzoic Acid belongs organic synthesis intermediates. P-Tert-Butylbenzoic Acid modifier for the production of alkyd resins , cutting oils , lubricating oil additives, a nucleating agent of polypropylene , stabilizers . With P-Tert-Butylbenzoic Acid modified alkyd resin to improve the performance of the initial gloss, improved durability hue , gloss , speed up the drying time , excellent resistance to chemicals and resistance to soap performance, using the product as an oil additive amine salt , may play a role in improving the performance and rust for the application of the stabilizer , which is barium , sodium, zinc and the like. Metal cutting fluid antioxidants , anti-rust agent in the resin coating , and the production of lubricants .
Production methods: by alkylation of toluene was tert-butyl toluene , and then by oxidation. Consumption of raw materials fixed : toluene 610kg / t, isobutylene 370kg / t.
Packaging: 25 kg plastic-lined bags
Category: flammable solids
Toxicity Rating: poisoning: acute
Flammable hazardous characteristics : case of heat, flame flammable ; thermal decomposition of toxic exhaust fumes spicy
The preparation of P - Tert - Butylbenzoic Acid process
P - Tert - Butylbenzoic Acid preparation technology, whose character is: includes the following steps:
(1), toluene, isobutylene and concentrated sulfuric Acid added to the reaction kettle in alkylation reaction, get the crude products of tertiary butyl toluene, alkylation reaction temperature is 20 to 24 ℃, time for 10 to 12 hours, and then the crude products of tertiary butyl toluene distillation get of tertiary butyl toluene;
(2), will be made for tertiary butyl toluene and composite catalyst into the reaction kettle zhongtong into oxygen oxidation reaction, get a P - Tert - Butylbenzoic raw Acid, reaction temperature is 110-180 ℃, the time is 12-24 hours a day, described in the composite catalyst composed of cobalt acetate and bromide, were added to the reaction kettle;
(3), the P Tert - Butylbenzoic raw Acid cooling crystallization, centrifugal dry, clean with the tertiary butyl toluene, then P Tert - Butylbenzoic raw Acid in toluene, heat to dissolve, add the decolorizing activated carbon, diatomite, and then cooling, crystallization, centrifugal, to P - Tert - Butylbenzoic Acid products;
 (4), the P Tert - Butylbenzoic Acid fine after washing, doused with toluene, centrifuge, drying, to P - Tert - Butylbenzoic Acid products.