Although affected by the financial crisis, the stagnation of the development of the surfactant market in South Africa for two years. However, with the 2010 South Africa’s economic recovery, consumer household products, personal care products, demand is increasing, thus promoting the South African market, the surfactant to the rapid development.
Market will reach $ 235 million
In South Africa, surfactants are generally anionic, nonionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants  four types, mainly for the production of household detergent or cleaning supplies, industrial special cleaning supplies, personal care supplies.
Anionic surfactants decontamination ability, commonly used for the production of washing and decontamination products, such as detergent, washing liquid, etc., can well remove the dirt knitwear, fabric softener residue from the other. Nonionic surface active agents are often used to produce oil scavenger, wherein the ether alcohol is most common. The performance of the amphoteric surfactant mild, mainly for the production of personal care products and household cleaning products. Cationic surfactants are mainly used to produce detergents, fabric softeners, and household or bathroom cleaners.
Research report said the global financial crisis, in 2009 the South African market surfactant compared with 2008 increased by only 0.9 per cent, reaching $ 190 million. The report predicts that from 2011 to 2016, the South African market will be 3.1% of the average growth rate in 2016 is expected to reach $ 235 million. Wherein the anionic surfactant and a nonionic surfactant  to reach a market share of 69% and 20% , ranked first and second , and amphoteric surfactants and cationic surfactants market share is relatively small , respectively, accounted for only 4.0% and 7.0% respectively.
The four factors promoting the development of the market
Report analysis, surface active agent in South Africa has the following four positive factors of market development.
1, the family consumer goods demand. In the past decade, despite the global economic recession, South Africa's economy still grew by 37.8%. As consumer income increases, people are willing to pay higher prices for quality products, so as to greatly promote the personal care products, household detergents and cleaning products demand.
2, the growth of the healthcare industry. The South African government spent heavily to improve residents' health care system in order to boost demand surfactant growth. Hospital infrastructure and health care facilities is the main surfactant in industry professional application field of end users, extend and improve medical service network to become the most important in the application of the surfactant in industry professional driver, the application area accounts for 20% of the total market share.
3, the requirements of manufacturing formula. Need to use a specific production surfactant formula, formed the time tested formula can ensure the performance of the product. And end user is not very sensitive to the price of the product, they will not according to the price fluctuation to change the demand for their product formula or surfactant.
4, limited types of alternative products. Surfactants are important   in consumer products the active ingredient of many properties of the product to reflect mainly through them, so the surface active agent can not be easily replaced. Both worldwide and in the South African market, this is to maintain the growing demand for surfactants key factor.
With the global economic recovery, South Africa surfactant market will keep growing for some time, and this region surfactant demand will continue to promote local manufacturers and distributors of revenue growth.